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Hotheads hair extensions are a low-maintenance tape-in system comprised of 100% sterilized remy human hair. this means you can curl, flat-iron, cut, and wash them just like your natural hair.

They can be worn up to 3 times with proper care and maintenance for 8 to 12 weeks at a time, depending on the growth rate of your own hair. because they are seamless and lightweight, nobody will know you're wearing them, BUT YOU.

 hotheads are perfect for adding length, volume, and even for the phases of growing out a short haircut. ask me about using only one pack of extensions for extra body or two packs for a full head of length and volume.

hotheads hair pricing*: 

10-12 inches       $88 per pack

14-16 inches       $108 per pack

18-20 inches       $139 per pack

*excludes shipping*two packs are suggested for a full application of extensions* 

hotheads application pricing:

Under 10 peices (1 pack or less)   $75

full application                                  $180

*full application includes hotheads                      shampoo and conditioner

*includes a cut to blend